February 13th, 2011


Techcrunch поймал Groupon

На Техкранче кипеш стоит: секрет делового успеха раскрыли. Главред Майк Аррингтон написал, что Groupon, тот самый великий и ужасный групон, разместил сделку на цветы (от компании FTD) - скидка на букет к валентину 50%, для скидки надо пройти по специальной ссылке.. а по ссылке цена вдвое выше, чем при оплате кешем. В США (и не только там) это считается как минимум запрещенной нечестной торговой практикой (если не уголовщиной). В комментах и вовсе ад разверзся: купцы и покупатели со всего США и мира рассказывают, как им представители Групона (и его конкурента №1 LivingSocial) навязывали завышение цен под купоны так, чтоб покрыть и скидку и 50%-ю комиссию Групона, как их надували купонщики от Аргентины до Швеции...

when groupon called me and wanted to run a http://socialprintshop.com deal, their sales rep basically told me to double the price of my product for a month to make things work for me giving a 50% off deal. Living Social did the exact same thing, as did another deal site that reached out to me. Living social only required me to lower the price for 1 week after the deal ended.

Saw a deal on livingsocial (Feb 9, Bragdon House Bed & Breakfast for two nights, including a bottle of wine for $265). The deal says the original price is $530, but the website has rooms listed for $135/night. Must be a helluva bottle of wine they give you, right?

Michael Zaro
I own http://www.mealdrop.com/ that sells services to restaurants and on occasion we have run into groupon or livingsocial sales ppl. The other day we came in right after one of them had just met with a local restaurant and they owner said the same thing.

Mike in Queens
I've had the same experience redeeming Groupon's at restaurants. At the slightest mention of a Groupon, my wife and I are treated like 3rd class citizens. You should see the look of disgust on the hostesses face at the slightest mention of Group/coupon/Groupon. Once, our server forgot to apply to Groupon after we reminded him twice. And that was after getting the worst table in the half empty place. Not to mention lame service. Restaurants should not sell Groupons they're not happy to take.

dipen shah
A very similar deal gone bad has me running FROM groupon now. A while back, they had a deal for Swissotel in Chicago (http://www.groupon.com/chicago...), I bought one thinking I can use it according to their terms. Well, on Swissotel’s original website, rooms were listed for $249 and available for the night I wanted to book it for. Groupon directed site, inflated the price to $349 and available only for weekdays. Called the hotel and was informed that the Groupon was only valid on certain days – not listed in Groupon’s terms. For Groupon’s credit though, I ended up getting my money back from them after a bit of running around from different representatives. Lesson learned and have avoided Groupon since. Thanks but no thanks. :)

This is actually happening on a much wider scale. In Edinburgh, Scotland Groupon had an offer from a locally notorious accommodation provider. The provider more than doubled their usual price, so the claimed saving of 60% actually amounted to a maximum saving of 20%. I actually called Groupon to make them aware of it and directed them to laterooms to show them proof. Groupon really could not have cared less, they stopped short of saying "we don't care" but that was the attitude. If any further proof is needed that they REALLY don't care about offering fake deals, they listed the same accommodation provider AGAIN - only this time it was actually listed cheaper on laterooms than the offer price on Groupon.

I have seen the same in Sweden...Groupon did advertise a dental exam and clean up for about $100 they claimed the real price was around $200 but I live in the middle of Stockholm city and a dental exam with a clean up is not even $100 in most places. So this is a common thing they do. I also bought a nail extension deal as a christmas gift for a female friend. They claimed it was worth $180 and sold it for $55. Most nail extensions in central Stockholm is about $100 so it was a good deal but they still over exaggerated the normal price to make it look like a better deal. As a shareholder of Google I am glad they did not close the deal...groupon will be looked into by state and federal authorities in Sweden for sure if they continue with these false claims.

Its not just having different RRPs for Groupon and non-groupon users. For many of the services advertised through Groupon, like spa and massage and hair removal, its already common practice in the industry to have highly inflated RRPs, and then to just run perpetual "sales" of 50% off. So really, even if you walk in to the store without a Groupon voucher, you can probably negotiate quite quickly a 50% discount. There's also issues with the quality of the merchant, merchants being overwhelmed with bookings, and products/services not being exactly as described.In the UK at least, there's a really good sampling of comments from disgruntled customers in the comments section of this article: (ссылка на статью аж от лета 2010 года! -- ЮА)

Jon Myers
Here in Buenos Aires everyone I've spoken with about Groupon here has complained about pricing discrepancies.

I bought a couple Groupon coupons for rooms at Sonoma Mission Inn... I followed the instructions and even went to the 'special' URL to book the room... the Inn wouldn't honor the coupons so I called the Groupon service center and even tho they tried to make good there were too many hoops to jump thru.. I was supposed to called some marketing person for the Inn that I think was the same person I talked to when I was trying to find out why they wouldn't book the room with the coupons... To Groupon's credit they did refund our money...

nitin alabur
Here's a similar biting deal: Bath and Body Works $15 for $30 worth of stuff. Its online only and not combinable with any other offer. The concept of Groupon is/was to give deals that people wouldn't get otherwise. But walking into a B&BW store, you'd always get a better deal than using this Groupon online.

А вам приходилось сталкиваться с подобными вещами у купонщиков (Groupon, Biglion и проч) и бизнесов, продающих через них купоны, в России?

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